* ( CS: Country Sprit; CFS: Coloured and/orFlavoured Sprit; FL: Foreign Liquor; LAB: Low Alcoholic Beverage.)
BhangBhang Shop
Bottling PlantIMFL Bottling Plant
Compounding and Blending OF IMFL
Warehouse in or outside bond
Compounding and Blending OF CL
CL Bottling Plant
BreweryBottling of POTABLE BEER
Warehouse in or outside bond
Country Spirit(Liquor)Country Liquor
Denatured SpiritWhole Sale purpose - DS-I
Retail sale of Denatured Spirit - DS-II
For purpose of carpentry - DS-III
For purpose of Industrial use - DS-III
Compounding and Blending OF IMFL
Bottling of Potable IMFL
Warehouse in or outside bond
Country Liquor warehouse or duty paid depot
Manufacture of denatured spirit
Permit Room adjacent to a FL Off shop in a major city of Odisha
IMFL ON Shop3 Star & above Category Hotels
FL Club
Hotel/ Restaurant without lodging
Beer Parlour
Other Hotels (with lodging)
OTDC Hotel
ITDC Hotel
Additional Bar Permission
ITDC Beer Parlour
OTDC Beer Parlour
OTDC Hotel - Leased to Private Individuals
Microbrewery with IMFL Restaurant ON
M & TP LicencesL-1 License
Military CanteenMilitary Canteen
Mohua flower Permit for Mohua Flower Storage (OS)
Mohua Flower Trader
Molasses Non Trading UnitCattlefeed
For other than distilleries, i.e industrial uses
Guddakhu and similar small-scale purposes
Molasses Trading UnitTrading for industrial purposes
Storage, Possession and sale by sugar industry
Non LicenseHealth\Educational\Govt. Organization
Private Organization
Out Still Licence, Branch Out still licenceOut Still Licence, Branch Out still licence
Premium FL-OFF ShopPremium FL-OFF Shop
Airport Premium FL-OFF Shop
Rectified SpiritRetail sale of rectified spirit
For use of chemists and druggists
Tari ShopFermented Tari Shop
Unfermanted Tari Shop
Temporary BarConsumption of IMFL/FL under "ON" system in the premisses
Whole Sale TradeWholesale License
Depot with Foreign Liquor (including IMFL), Wine & BEER storage
Depot with Foreign Liquor (including IMFL), Wine, BEER & Country Liquor storage